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From banners to bags. Upcycle your event banners into sustainable custom decorated bags for your business that your audience will love. The R3VOLUTION reusable tote bags have lived a former life. Each bag is unique. The bags are durable, water and UV resistant and made in Australia. Stylish and durable enough to make a great sports, beach or farmers market tote for everyday use.
These reusable tote bags measure 57cm L x 38cm H x 10cm and have one external pocket. The creative layout is determined by matching the best use of colour and pattern for the design and the re-purposing of the vinyl. We use up to 95% of the banner.
R3VOLUTION bags will help reinforce your brand after the event, make unique mementos for your sponsors and are a great way to say thanks to employees or raise money through online sales or auctions. Be part of the R3VOLUTION today - reuse, recycle, repurpose. 

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