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xanita board - substrate spotlight.

Let's talk substrates - introducing Xanita Board. It's popping up everywhere in the retail scene. You can even spy it amongst Kmart's in-store visual merchandising used as 3D lettering and some of the Bond's pop up stores have been constructed entirely out of this honeycomb cardboard. What's so great about Xanita? It's light weight, rigid, durable, eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable and incredibly versatile. Xanita is a high crush strength substrate made from recycled natural fibre and you can use it as a substitute for MDF, particle board and compressed PVC sheets. Applications are only limited by imagination. Anything from photo op cutouts to point of sales displays.

Easy to transport, assemble and dismantle. 3D structures can be flat packed and assembly is slot, slide and fold, with no screws or dowels and branding is a breeze with direct printing. So add Xanita to your marketing arsenal and create something memorable. We have this marvelous media in an array of thicknesses and finishes. Drop us a line to find out more and check out our product sheet. You can also view our catalogue of promotional furniture designs and our inspiration Pinterest board.

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